How to Choose Jewelry for Your Valentine – Part 1

First of all, we’d like to shatter a long-standing myth: Valentine’s Day is for women. Not so. Men like to be chased by cupid too (and why should they be left out anyway?), and surprised with sweet notes and chocolate, jewelry and even flowers.

A Valentine gift or note is between two people. Your guy may be the archetypal cowboy (and there is nothing wrong with that), but you can be certain that a special token of your affection will warm his heart and make his knees wobble. Everybody deserves to feel special.

Incidentally, Valentine’s Day is a good time to just show you care. You do not have to be head over heels in love with someone to take advantage of this opportunity to let them know they are loved. Parents, good friends, teachers and even neighbors can be acknowledged on this occasion.

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Whoever that special person is for you, male or female, here are a few guidelines to help you choose a gift of personal jewelry.

First, if you do not intend to propose, do not even offer a “generic” ring. This could be misunderstood and could end up breaking a dear friend’s heart even though it was unintentional. It is the thought that counts, of course, but think about the symbolism of the jewelry you select, also.

Bracelets are widely accepted as a token of affection and friendship, but without an underlying meaning that suggests any sort of deep commitment. This would be a good choice for a good friend. A bracelet is like an oath of friendship.

Also, especially if you do not know someone very well yet, a bracelet or pendant might be an easier selection for you since you do not have to have a perfect fit. Many men wear bracelets and pendants. Pay attention in social gatherings. Does your favorite guy comment on other male friends’ jewelry? This could give you clues as to what he might like for himself.

If the person you wish to acknowledge is a family member, your mother perhaps, than the possibilities are endless. If you know of a ring she has set aside because it is broken, and she will not notice it is missing, try to snatch it (dad or a sibling may be of assistance here) and have it repaired for her. Perhaps it is an heirloom piece she keeps in a box and never gets around to fixing, but you know it means the world to her. Surprising her with this piece in all its glory could be one of the best Valentine gifts she ever receives.

Do not think for an instant that gold is the only acceptable precious metal for a Valentine’s Day gift. What is precious is your relationship with the person receiving the gift. Not all people like gold and not all people like silver.

Gemstone jewelry add a touch of glamor. Again, this depends on your relationship with the person to whom you are giving it. It also depends on your approach. Always accompany your gift with a card. This can include a poetic message, but unless you are pretty sure you have a strong bond with a person, to the point of sensing each other’s meaning even without speaking, avoid mysterious messages. Be loving, but clear.

Glamorous gemstone jewelry could be a perfect fit for the aspiring actor,  actress or musician in your life. A gift of jewelry is not only about how you feel for someone else. Think about who that person is, how they dress, what their dreams are. This can provide a lot of information about what sort of jewelry would make them feel like saying, “This is so me!” Indeed, the right piece of jewelry can provide an accent for a person’s innermost identity.

Earrings can be tricky. Notice the style of earring a person wears and stick with that. If they wear post earrings, go for post; if they wear clasp earrings, then clasp it is. Diamonds make a strong statement, which may be appropriate for your relationship. In doubt, opt for birthstone earrings. You cannot go wrong with that.

If the object of your attention is an earthy person who collects stones and minerals… you know where we’re going with this one. If you can, find a unique stone and have it made into a pendant or bracelet.

Once more, this brings to mind perhaps the most important aspect of shopping for jewelry for any occasion. It bears repeating: Do not focus only on what you think would look nice for them; take the time to consider who they are and also consider what you are saying with your gift.

Finally, if you simply wish to acknowledge a new, meaningful friendship, a gift certificate could show how much you care and give your friend a sense of magical possibilities. Once they have acquired what they truly want, thanks to your thoughtful gift, you will know their style and can keep it in mind for the future.

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