Garnet – January Birthstone

December 22 – January 21

“Garnet would be your gem of choice to affect the path and success of your career,” explained a previous article where we reviewed gems one might wear to ensure good luck on Friday the 13th. Could they be our guardian angels, then?

Since there may be slight discomfort about the last two digits of this new year, at least we can rejoice in the fact that those among us who are born around this time of year will indeed enjoy the protection of the garnet. It must be noticed that Aries, Virgo, Leo and Aquarius also share this gem.

The article continues, “Garnet is powerful. It is much like how you feel when you are dressed professionally compared to how you feel in your everyday clothes. It can change your posture without you even realizing this.”

Garnet is your birthstone if you are Capricorn. Astrologists inform us that folks bearing this birth sign are generally refined and of good taste, knowing how to partake of life fully, in a stylish fashion. This is an innate attitude, rather than a direct result of wealth or background. Otherwise, further note astrologists, those whose birthstone is the garnet are known for their good sense and conservatism in both career and personal affairs.

“When the name ‘garnet’ is mentioned,” begins yet another overview of this gem, in a June article this time, “Many people immediately imagine a beautiful red gemstone. In truth, not only do garnets come in different hues of red, ranging from orange to brown, but there are green garnets as well.” At that time, we also learned that the word “garnet”comes from the Latin, “granum”, which means grain. Many garnet deposits occur as small grains of crystals embedded in a host rock.

Garnet is sometimes referred to as “the soldier’s stone.” This is because it is associated with strength of heart and body or what is also known as “fortitude in battle.” It would seem that our reference to guardian angels, earlier, is right on the mark.

Roman naturalist and author Pliny the Elder (23 AD – 79 AD) produced one of the first records of the existence and mining of the garnet. The variety he recorded was a garnet of violet hue which was found in a town by the name of Alabanda. Thus he named the gem “alabandicus.” Gems at this time in history were not only mined, they were already cut and polished with great precision.

The Romans engraved garnets with fine Imperial portraits. Later, during the Middle Ages, the garnet commonly served as a keepsake gift between friends when respective life paths took them apart from each other for long periods of time. This confers upon this truly regal gem a significance that can be of great value even today.

If the garnet is your birthstone, and you were born in January, then your flower is the carnation.

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