Silvio’s Workbench – Opal & The Timeless Spiral Sun

There was speculation that an ancient Mayan calendar predicted our demise, placing it in time so that even the most skeptical amongst us wondered until the date had passed; December 21, 2012. And then we pinched ourselves, just to be sure.

It was an otherwise stunning objet d’art, intricately designed with the tools of the time, carved out of stone. Maybe it is this, more than anything, that gave it authority, this heavy, massive stone art. It tells a story whose true meaning lies with the people of its time. What thoughts inhabited the carver’s mind as he worked?

The sun rose again on December 22. Rivers continued to flow. And artists of our time continued to interpret the world in their works. What is, then, the true meaning of this piece from the jeweler’s workbench? The story changes along with the story of the beholder. Silvio introduced it with the words Mountain and Sunset.

silvio 1228 1

I see a silver river, running eternally between a spiral sun and a glacial field. I see timelessness, or a stretching of time rather, as the crystalline opal clasps secrets beneath its surface. It is fluid, yet motionless, as if saying, “Take notice. The sun appears to move, but it is you who is moving; and when you stand by the river, it is your entire story that is carried away to be replenished, again and again.”

Silvio made this mesmerizing Australian opal, silver and gold pendant for Chad Blasch, blacksmith and farrier, owner of Next Generation Hoofcare, right here in Jeffersonville.

Blacksmith, farrier and jeweler. Time-honored traditions, each leaving its mark on history with the sharing of knowledge; with every piece that is created, gifted, and passed down from generation to generation.

More opals await timeless expression.

silvio 1228 2

Read more about the Opal HERE.


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2 responses to “Silvio’s Workbench – Opal & The Timeless Spiral Sun

  • heatherbellartHeather

    Is there some way a person can go from this blog to Silvio’s website (if he has one) or to find out pricing or to order? I sorta like to play, if I won the lottery, I’d order…

    • The Scribe

      Heather, Thank you for stopping by. This IS the website. Silvio creates unique pieces within a wide range of prices. No two are exactly alike and the inventory changes frequently. He can also re-purpose and transform jewelry you already own. This is a good way to save since you are supplying some of the materials. Please feel free to give him a call at 802-760-9987 to learn about styles and pricing and to share your vision with him. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for asking. Have a great New Year!

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