Bold Shapes & Colors in 2013

The Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2013 features such colors as emerald, poppy red, lemon zest, nectarine and Monaco blue. Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color and the provider of color systems and technology across industries. It is the standard language for color,  instructing  designers, manufacturers, retailers and customers.

Fashion is a complex industry whose trends evolve from consumer tastes, which in turn respond to every aspect of modern life, from seasons to functionality to design and beyond. Indeed, even the workplace and the tools and equipment that accompany our everyday lives have a real impact on fashion, shaping design and materials. Add cultural values to the mix and you have an entire realm of contributors to the way we dress and the accessories we choose to accentuate mood, personality and style.

Art Deco

2012 has been a tumultuous time. Perhaps this is why the new trend calls for bold color and design, somewhat reminiscent of Art Deco. Indeed, geometrical shapes are making a comeback. There is, however, an interesting counter-balance as the more natural, even more tribal look also comes into focus.

As we have seen in a previous article, Art Deco espouses symmetrical lines, whereas Art Nouveau favors asymmetry and organic curves. It appears that 2013 will bring about a new interpretation of both of these styles. Art Nouveau design was referred to as “an explosion of senses.” The symmetrical lines of modern design, along with the new color trends and renewed interest in ancestral form, promise to offer a bold expression.

Art Nouveau

Furthermore, it is predicted that in 2013 we’ll see an emphasizes on repetition, particularly with link jewelry being increasingly prominent. This brings to mind the Vertebrae Bracelet.

Vertebrae Bracelet

Materials will be of essence also, with an emphasis on gold, particularly red gold. As this suggests, color will be a central point of focus. The rich colors  mentioned at the beginning of this article call to mind the unique coloration of the Watermelon Tourmaline.

Watermelon Tourmaline

If we reflect on the events of the past year or so, we can see how it was inevitable that we grow bolder, out of pure survival instinct and intelligent adaptability. This, no doubt, is reflected in our choice of personal ornamentation. Interestingly, it is predicted that a greater number of men will acquire and display increasingly bold jewelry in 2013.

Have you noticed your own style change as you’ve navigated through the ups and downs of recent years? Are you becoming more assertive and bold?

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