Citrine & Topaz – November Birthstones – Part 1

October 23 – November 21

In 1912, Citrine was recorded as the official, modern November birthstone by the American National Association of Jewelers.

Citrine is a variety of quartz. Its color varies significantly within a spectrum ranging from deep yellow to reddish-brown. Gemologists believe that natural citrine actually originated in the form of amethyst that was altered as a result of exposure to the intense heat of magma. Golden topaz and the finest yellow citrine may appear very similar.

Natural citrine is a native of Brazil, the Ural Mountains of Russia, Madagascar and France.

Citrine is believed to be favorable to kidney, heart, digestive tract and muscle health. It is closely associated with clarity of mind and self-esteem. It is said that one who wears or carries citrine will not be self-demeaning. Interestingly, if we consider self-esteem as a form of personal power, it is interesting to notice that in ancient times citrine stones were embedded in the breastplate of High Priests as a protection against plagues of all sorts, both from the natural world and the spiritual world.

Citrine is also referred to as  “The Merchant’s Stone”. It was a common talisman of traveling merchants and traders, believed to draw greater wealth when placed in a coin pouch. Today, merchants who still hold a belief about the connection between citrine and prosperity have been known to keep a citrine stone in their place of business, directly inside the cash register.

If Citrine is your birthstone, you are observant and dynamic. You are also very independent. Your flower is the chrysanthemum. It represents cheerfulness.

To be continued… with the Topaz.

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