What Do Sheep & Halloween Have in Common?

Pumpkins. Sheep and Halloween have one thing in common: pumpkins. Perhaps there is more, but this is as close as we can get for now. Not only do sheep love to eat the pumpkin, but if you happen to be a sheep farmer, you may find that pumpkins love to grow in sheep manure enhanced soil. Whether it has to be sheep manure from pumpkin-eating sheep is another question… and we’ll stray even further off topic if we attempt to answer it.

Speaking of straying… sheep stray. That’s why we invented shepherds. This brings up another question. How do shepherds call back their sheep? By name? By imitating the sheep call for “Come home dearest?” It goes something like this: Bhaaaaaaaa Bhaaa Bhaaaa (pause) Bhaaaa! Notice the extra “a” on the third Bhaaaa.

All of this to introduce a beautiful and clever device called a Sheep Herding Whistle. Incidentally, the whistle is not for direct communication with the sheep. Rather, it is used to communicate over long distances with the sheep herding dog. You can learn more in the video clip at the bottom of this post.

This sheep herding whistle belongs to Troy Steel, whom, as we’ve discussed in a previous post, is on his way back to New Zealand, along with his wife Jessica and their children. Their grand journey to a new story on the other side of the earth begins tomorrow. As you might remember, Troy and Jessica had their wedding bands redesigned by Silvio in September. These mark the beginning of their new story. The image of the sheep and shepherd is fitting, as parents lead and guide each other and their children toward new horizons, pastures and possibilities.

Troy’s sheep whistle is carved out of New Zealand Jade. Silvio made a new bell for it. This is the silver part that secures a pendant, the sheep whistle in this case, to a chain or lanyard.

This intriguing instrument would not make any sense without a wee tutorial. Enjoy. You might even want to get one of your own… and a few sheep… and a sheep herding dog for full effect. Hey! It is never too late for a new skill or hobby.

Bon voyage to Troy, Jessica and the children, and best wishes for a long, prosperous and fantastic life in New Zealand.

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