Silvio’s Workbench – The Beekeeper’s Bee

Wednesday, 4 pm

It was a Monday, in June, when the first bee was born. The article began with these words, from Silvio: “…This must be the smallest design I have ever carved… and the most time-consuming because of the scale and details.”

To the meticulous design of the bee, Silvio has now added the hive. It is a work in progress, time and mind consuming. A brief reprieve from the workbench allows the mind to relax. After a long day of focused creative work, this means the childlike silliness can surface. Laughing relaxes the entire being.

“Amy, from The Golden Eye, asked me for this bee and hive pendant. She is a beekeeper. She keeps bees. They are kept by she who keeps bees. They are well-kept bees these bees. These bees are kept by a busy beekeeper. Amy is a very bee-sy beekeeper… Oh man! I’m tired!” Smirk.

The Golden Eye is a long-established jewelry shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, featuring the works of master jewelers with diverse backgrounds and styles. Silvio designed for this establishment while living in New Mexico and continues making custom jewelry for them since moving to Vermont. The present custom bee and hive pendant will be used to create a mold, allowing this particular design to be reproduced directly at The Golden Eye.

“This one is all silver, but a silver beehive and gold bee would look great, I think,” observes Silvio, before slipping back into wordplay. Perhaps shaping gold and silver is like wordplay. Each new piece of jewelry is like a re-written poem.

Visit – The Artist’s Page at The Golden Eye

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