Snap Shot No. 38 – Just Like The Picture

Friday, 3:30 pm. It rains and rains.

In Silvio’s shop, the lit jewelry display seems to turn the light of the entire room to gold. Silvio and a customer stand by the workbench discussing possible new expressions for recycled gold and silver the customer brought in. “I saw the snake bracelet you made,” says the man. “I want something like that, but I want some gold in mine.”

A discussion about the value of gold was inevitable. “You used to be able to find massive gold chains and rings at flea markets and yard sales for just dollars,” observes the man. “It’s not that easy anymore.” Silvio agrees, adding, “The economy is still shaky and the value of gold stays up when the economy is down. People hold on to their gold now, or recycle it so its value is preserved.”

Meanwhile, a stunning black opal sits on the workbench, ready for its new story to begin. Visitors from Atlanta had been in to see Silvio a while back. “They were not sure quite what they wanted, so we looked at the picture gallery in the digital frame on the wall for inspiration, and then we looked at more pictures I have stored right on my phone. They saw the ring I made for Kathy Tobin and said this is it!”

“Every diamond has a story. From the mine to its current owner, it has been broken off from its host, transported, transferred from hand to hand, flown, trucked, cut, milled, faceted, polished and finally given new expression. There is an entire journey in one single diamond,” begins the article about the ring that will now serve as inspiration for a new version of itself.

This, then, is part of the diamond’s journey also, to take part in artistic expression beyond itself. The original gem inspired the first combination of materials and form. It is the model now; a sort of new rule in the realm of gems whereby this particular representation shall set the tone for others in the future. One diamond’s journey has created a ripple in time, causing a magnificent black opal to find its own new expression and create its own ripple.


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