Silvio’s Workbench – Chrysoprase & Turquoise

Friday, 2 pm

Silvio re-organized the workbench. This, inevitably, offers new opportunities for capturing images of the tools, items and elements that make up the cast of this ever-changing stage.

Today, the pieces for new custom earrings take their positions on the bench as Silvio envisions the new expression he will give to these elements. The client brought in wedding bands, one bearing diamonds, that had been passed down to her from her parents. This provided the 14 karat gold Silvio will use.

“I am going to add some 18 karat gold around the diamonds.” explains Silvio. There are eight diamonds altogether. The other stones are Chrysoprase and Turquoise. These were selected by the client, when Silvio let her rummage through his boxes of treasures, where she certainly came across mesmerizing fossils, ancient arrow heads and such. The blue and apple green of the gems she selected, as well as the difference in texture and luminosity, will make a stunning effect when encased in gold bezels, with a touch of spark provided by the diamonds.

“Chrysoprase is a form of quartz,” Silvio points out. “It is a rare gem and at some time it was very highly prized in Russia, where it was often incorporated in the design of jewelry for members of royal families. It was also used in architecture quite a bit.”

The small, apple green stone shown here is Chrysoprase. These are from Australia, where very high quality Chrysoprase is found. The crisp, apple green color is one of the most prized attributes of this gem.

New pieces take shape in different planes; on the bench, in the jeweler’s mind and on paper, each influencing the final outcome along the way. This is how an original idea takes on unique characteristics and presence.


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