Snap Shot No. 37 – Visitors, Friends & a Walk in The Woods

Friday, 3 pm.

The New Zealand Jade ring Silvio started a few days ago is ready to go home to Jaime Dale, owner of El Zorro Restaurant, on Edwards road in Jeffersonville.

“It is so satisfying to work on special designs for local customers,” points out Silvio. “Everyone has a special vision of what they want and it is always very enjoyable to design a new piece with a client, but it definitely has special meaning when I make a piece for a friend or neighbor, or someone whose children go to school with mine.”

There is no denying that Autumn is here, today. The air is raw and the spirits high at the same time as the pace seems to slow a bit. Silvio had just walked back from The Village Sampler, across the hall from his studio, with a small box of Whitman chocolates for an afternoon boost, and no intention to share. Of course you know that is not true. He is the generous sort and he shared gladly.

A quiet woman came in, wearing a pleasant smile. “Are you from around here?” asked Silvio as he acknowledged her presence. “I am visiting from Israel,” she replied. She had been to Vermont before, evidence of the undeniable impression our beautiful surroundings leave in the minds and hearts of visitors.

Even well-established residents see this beauty. Recently, Jennifer Bishop from The Farm Store and Laurie Cartwright, founder of Cambridge 360, accompanied Silvio and his girls on a mushroom walk. As you might have seen on the morning snap shots Silvio has been posting to his Facebook page, he has a great interest in edible mushroom and has acquired quite a bit of knowledge about them over the years.

“We found an amazing collection of Oyster Mushroom growing on soft Maple. Everyone went home with an armful. I also found several large Boletes. I am drying those. They taste best when dry.”

More visitors came in. Time to return the attention to the workbench and greetings.


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