Peculiar Pearls & Other Oddities – 1

We introduce a new segment to this Blog today.

Off and on, we discuss the history of jewelry and the folk lore associated with it. This will be a bit different and a bit more quirky in some ways. In this segment, we propose to feature a collection of little-known facts about jewelry, its history and fabrication. The selections will be random, in the form a of trivia list, if you will. Let’s just say that it is an appetizer, to tickle your curiosity… and provide good material for conversation at a dinner party.

As for the peculiar pearls, we rarely think about this, but they are the only gemstone made by living animals.

A Diamond Is Forever. The historic phrase that revolutionized the jewelry industry was coined by a young copy writer in 1947. He worked for DeBeers, a world-renowned company, and his slogan was named the “best advertising slogan of the 20th century.

Marlene Dietrich (1901 – 92)

In the early days of moving pictures, jewelry was not a common prop. In fact, it was nearly absent from the stage, save for the actress’ own. Even Marlene Dietrich and Gloria Swanson wore their own jewelry in their movies.

The most extravagant and expensive piece of jewelry ever designed for the movie industry was a necklace for the musical Moulin Rouge. It was worn by actress Nicole Kidman and it was worth $1 million. Designer Stefano Canturi used platinum and over 1,300 diamonds.

Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge

In 1997, part of the Cinderella story came to life for a woman living in the United Kingdom. Her foot was the only one to fit perfectly in a platinum slipper that was part of an exhibit. While she was awarded a prize, the slipper was not included in the reward.

The Rhine river, in Germany, is the namesake of the Rhinestone, which was first discovered there and was actually a pink or blue quartz.

Finally, we conclude this first collection of facts about jewelry with the origin of the word itself. It comes from an old French word, “joaillerie”, and it means joy and gladness.


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