Snap Shot No. 36 – Rose Cut Garnets & Troy’s Wedding Band

Tuesday, 2:30 pm

“Remember the topaz and diamond earrings I started working on a few days ago? They are almost ready to go home to Nuevo York!” announces Silvio cheerfully. The day is beautiful, the air is crisp and the jeweler is in good spirits!

Indeed, these delicate earrings are on their way to New York city. Meanwhile, Troy’s wedding band is ready for its new life also. You might remember, from a recent post, that Silvio melted Troy’s original wedding band to create the two bands used in the new design, along with hammered fine silver.

Which brings us to the current project: Rose cut garnet earrings.

“Rose cut is the oldest faceted cut,” explains Silvio. “This is how diamonds were cut originally. I work with a lot of rose cut diamonds. People like it a lot. It is a cut that works well with shallow stones because the facets are right on top.”

Jewelers began to experiment with the rose cut in the mid 1500’s. It is a unique cut. Unlike other cuts where the stone has a distinctive tapering body, the rose cut presents a flat bottom. It is the crown of the stone that is elevated into a faceted dome. It is called rose cut because the anatomy of the facets mimic the progressive spiral of rose petals. This type of cut focuses on the surface of the stone and brings attention to its clarity.

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