Silvio’s Workbench – Opposites Attract

Wednesday, 4:45 pm

It has been a long day. With school back in session, you might think that there is more time for work and projects, but if you happen to have school-age children of your own, you know this is not the case. For parents, now, the day is a juggling act between work and driving the kids and delivering them where they need to be. In a sense, it makes life full in a different way.

Work does not cease at the workbench, however, and Silvio is finishing a set of wedding bands for his friends Jessica and Troy Steel, of the Waiora Valley Farm (currently for sale) and Gallup Brook Fencing (recently under new ownership).

“They wanted new, more meaningful wedding bands,” explains Silvio. “For Jessica, I am using her current gold ring in between two hammered, fine silver bands. For Troy’s, I am melting down his current gold ring and making it into two gold bands that will be on either side of a hammered, fine silver central piece.”

The thought that come to mind instantly are that opposites attract. More importantly, and at a more subtle and meaningful level, opposites complement each other. It is this dual, yet one-minded and one-hearted essence that builds homes, lives and visions of new futures.

These wedding bands thus mark a new beginning as much as they represent the bond that is shared by Troy and Jessica. The hammered design is of particular interest. It brings to mind the silversmith who gives metals new shape through sheer, focused labor, just as a shared life is built by labor; the sort of labor that draws energy from a constant, underlying and guiding passion.

We wish them long life and happiness.

PS: Visit the Waiora Valley Farm website to find out more and perhaps even share information about this magnificent property so that the right buyer may find their new home.


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2 responses to “Silvio’s Workbench – Opposites Attract

  • Jessica Steel

    We are so excited to get our new rings and so honored to have them created by Silvio!
    A new chapter begins and is symbolized by these new bands. This seems like the perfect way to celebrate and mark this time in our lives. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!

    • Ornament Studio

      You are welcome and thank YOU. It is always a special treat to work on creating jewelry that has such great meaning. I am the one who is honored. Thank you for your kind comments. Wishing you and Troy the very best.

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