Snap Shot No. 35 – The Diamond’s Journey

Fine Silver, 18 K Gold & Diamond

Every diamond has a story. From the mine to its current owner, it has been broken off from its host, transported, transferred from hand to hand, flown, trucked, cut, milled, faceted, polished and finally given new expression. There is an entire journey in one single diamond.

It would be fascinating to replay this journey in fast forward and to pause and meet every person who has handled it along the way, perhaps have a meal with them before continuing, from sea-shore to sea-shore, to where it finally rests, radiant, in a fine gold setting. Silent yet filled with the knowledge of a timeless witness. Then, one day, it falls.

Without knowing its story, we sense its depth. Usually, the story that matters most is the one we have shaped around it as it marks anniversaries, milestones, love, friendship or the passage from one generation to the next.

When painting the Vermont landscapes for which he has gained high regards well beyond Vermont borders, artist Eric Tobin provides a resting place for a perfect moment in time and its atmosphere, much as the jeweler sets the all-seeing diamond in its fine gold nest. Both radiate back to the viewer a light that is, in itself, the signature of an entire journey.

Eric’s wife, Kathy, stopped by a little while ago, to bring Silvio a diamond that had fallen off an unsound setting. It was time for a new story, or rather a new chapter in the life of this little diamond. The four-pronged setting that housed it had relaxed its hold and let go of the precious stone in its care. Silvio encircled it with light gold instead, atop a fine silver ring. Now, it is not merely a diamond ring. It makes a statement, as though the diamond’s confidence in its journey had been restored.

The next time you visit Ornament Studio, also visit Visions Of Vermont, where you can see a collection of Eric Tobin’s beautiful Vermont landscapes.

Quiet Morning by Eric Tobin


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