Snap Shot No. 35 – Athena & Pegasus

Thursday, 3 pm

Centuries from now, an archaeologist or historian will hold in his hand an ancient Greek coin set in heavy, 22 karat gold. He will hold it up for his students, at a Hong Kong university, while a specially designed camera will  allow the small object to appear to hover before the students in the form of a multi-dimensional hologram so all can examine it in great detail and at all angles.

“This, my friends,” will begin the teacher, “Embodies human mythology, history and art. Can you tell me why?” Silence. While the students may recognize the antique Greece signature, they may not realize the more recent provenance of the piece. Twenty-first century United States, America, from the workbench of Silvio Mazzarese. “Yes!” will say one young student from her seat in the back of the auditorium. “I have heard about this artist. He was already seventh generation jeweler in his own time. My great, great, great grandma brought him a coin like that once… Ho! My gosh!”

A customer who resides in Hong Kong and Vermont recently came to see Silvio to ask him to make one of his beautiful ancient coin pendants for her. She brought an authentic Greek coin, representing Athena and Pegasus. Athena is depicted with three dolphins at her side. It is in astonishing condition for an artifact dating back to somewhere between 400 and 300 BC.

Ancient Greek Coin Shown on Pendant Sketch with Pink Tourmaline Accent – Front

In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of skill, arts, crafts, strategy, just warfare, inspiration, courage, wisdom, civilization, mathematics and strength. She is represented on the coin wearing a warrior’s headdress. On the reverse side, Pegasus, one of the most recognized animal creatures of Greek mythology.

Ancient Greek Coin Shown on Pendant Sketch with Pink Tourmaline Accent – Reverse

The connection between the two mythological characters is significant. Pegasus, who is associated with wisdom, poetry and inspiration, is said to have been captured by Athena and Poseidon, god of the seas. The dolphin appears as a symbol on currency used in coastal cities, which were typically significant ports of commerce.

Silvio will ensconce the coin in a 22 karat bezel, with pink tourmaline and gold beading accents. This will make a truly stunning pendant, rich with myth, culture and history.


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