Snap Shot No. 34 – Opals, Ancient Coins & It Keeps Falling Out

Tuesday, 2 pm

Silvio had a very good time at the Festival of The Arts on Saturday. It is always inspiring to make time to visit with customers and passers-by. The artisan jeweler is like an alchemist; he transforms elements from the earth, giving them new expression, a new radiance that catches all the senses off guard in the instant it catches the eye.

Silvio just finished two custom, Australian Opal, earring sets and a set of earrings made with ancient coins.

Australian Opals with Diamonds in 22K and 18K Gold Setting – SOLD

Australian Opals with Diamonds – 18k and 22K Gold – SOLD

14th Century Bronze Cambodian Coins -18K and 22K Gold – ON DISPLAY

Out-of-state visitors stopped it to admire the master’s work, this afternoon. A woman held a diamond up to watch it catch the light. “That’s an old-mine cut,” informed her Silvio. “Old-mine diamonds are cut deeper. There is more stone to them, more space to create good facets.” The woman watched the light make impressive patterns on the stone as she made it dance by the window. “It’s an excellent size!” she observed.

Soon, a local customer came in to retrieve a repair Silvio had recently completed. “I am bringing you something else,” he announces, handing Silvio a ring and stone. “We’ve had it repaired four or five times and it keeps falling out. I think they are just gluing it each time.” He smiles. “We are so used to it falling out by now that we don’t even have to look. The moment we hear that clink, clink, clink we know… There it goes again!”

In a moment, Silvio confirms the diagnostic. “Yes. This was just glued. See the gap between the stone and the setting? They did not close it in on the stone. I can push it in further.”

Don’t forget this week’s Jewelry Jubilee!


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