Silvio’s Workbench – Lost & Found Diamond

Wednesday, 4 pm

“I lost the diamond on my ring,” said a local customer to Silvio recently, “But then I found it…  in the compost pile!”

Perhaps finding a needle in a haystack is possible after all then. The way this goes is actually quite simple, once we remove ourselves from the problem, that is. Is it not when we stop searching that we find what we were looking for? When we least expect it, the cherished object will catch the light just so, placing a spark in the corner of the eye.

This triggers a fantastic chain reaction. The mind immediately conjures up the possibilities and, upon going through a list of objects in search of a match, will at lightning speed bring forth the image of the lost object in a great A-ha! moment. The long journey of separation and grieving is over. We have recovered the needle and may resume the sewing. The finished project will henceforth bring to mind the tale of the lost needle. The story will travel down the generations.

This brings us back to the lost and found diamond. It, too, will find its place in the history of its owner, in the form of a new ring. It will be radiant, ensconced in a thin, gold setting atop a fine silver ring. “What a beautiful ring!” someone will say, and the story will begin. “You’ll never guess where I found this diamond after I had lost it…”

We’ll keep an eye on this diamond and have a look at the ring in an upcoming post. Meanwhile, at the workbench, earrings take shape…

Australian Opal & 22 Karat Gold Earrings


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