Green Mountain Drums, Sabian & Ornament Studio Make Music

Bill Allen, of Green Mountain Drums, stopped by Ornament Studio recently to invite Silvio to be part of an exciting project. Allen is designing custom drums to accompany the world-renowned Sabian Cymbals.

Sabian, a Canadian-based company, makes some of the best percussion instruments in the world. Like the master jeweler who continues a long tradition of time-honored techniques and materials, Sabian uses a special bronze alloy that was developed generations ago, in Turkey. The recipe for this alloy, the process of fabrication and the quality of sound it produces remain unique to Sabian to this day.

Allen is building a set of drums Sabian will use in their showroom. Silvio is making the emblem that will identify the drums with the Sabian seal. He is using sterling silver and Sabian’s special bronze alloy.

The partnership is certainly as harmonious as a masterful music score as Ornament Studio, Green Mountain Drums and Sabian honor the same values: adherence to time-honored engineering, with a tasteful and thoughtful mix of innovation.

Green Mountain Drums produces the finest wood-hooped snare drums and kits. “We create drums that are not only esthetically beautiful, but have a unique voice all their own,” says Bill Allen. Green Mountain Drums is family owned and operated.


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