Silvio’s Workbench – Gold Melting

Wednesday, 3 pm.

If you read yesterday’s Blog post, you know that Karen Winslow stopped by and that she brought some gold jewelry for Silvio to melt down and reuse in a new, custom ring he is making for her. As promised, we return to the studio to look over Silvio’s shoulder as he melts down the gold pieces.

This process requires flux, a substance that aids in flowing and fusing. Borax is used for this purpose. The temperature can reach to somewhere between 1200 and 1300 degrees. Not just any tool will sustain such heat, but carbon does. Silvio uses a carbon rod to assist the breaking down, melting and mixing process. Finally, the red-hot gold is dropped into a sulphuric acid solution for a few moments. This strips off all residual borax without affecting the gold.

1. The pieces to re-purpose.


2. Silvio removes gems and any trace of solder.


3. The pieces of gold are placed on the melting stone. Borax is added.


4. Fire up!


5. A carbon rod breaks down and mixes the melted gold.


6. Red, hot, melted gold.


7. After a quick bath in a sulphuric acid solution… …just enough for one ring.


8. Off to the rolling mill.


9. Little bead of gold turns to gold strip.

Voilà! Grandmother ring will soon take shape!

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