Snap Shot No. 33 – Karen Winslow’s “Generations” Bracelet

Tuesday, 3:30 pm.

I walk in on an animated conversation between Silvio in Cambridge artist Karen Winslow. “You are right in time,” smiles Silvio and, turning to Karen, “Can we talk about your bracelet in today’s blog post?”

“Sure. I’d love to talk about my bracelet,” was the immediate response.

Here is the story of the “Generations” Bracelet, an original Karen Winslow idea. First, we must go back in time about two years, when Silvio first set up shop in Jeffersonville.

“I do not wear much jewelry,” begins Karen, “I am a bit like those young people today who get tattoos that represent something meaningful they can have with them at all times. The jewelry I do wear is like that.  About two years ago, I tried on my mother’s wedding band. I had set it aside, but once I put it on I realized I wanted to be able to see it every day. This is about the time I found Silvio. I came in and asked him to join my wedding band with hers. And this is when we first discussed a bracelet I used to wear.”

“I had a very thin gold bracelet I wore all the time, until I misplaced it. We talked about making another one, but gold was very expensive at the time. I considered replacing it with a silver bracelet instead, and then I had an idea: a silver bracelet representing me, a gold accent on the clasp, representing my connection to my husband and a gold bead along the bracelet for every one of my five children.

See,” she points out the design of the clasp, “this is tied. It will not come off. It is my family circle. I am surrounded by my family. I can touch each bead as I think about my children.” The idea evolved and today Karen and Silvio discussed the next project.

Eventually, Karen found the gold bracelet she had misplaced. Silvio will give it new expression. He will transform it into a Grandmother Ring. “My sister bought three stack rings from Silvio a while back. I call one of them the ‘bubble ring’ because of the randomly positioned circles engraved into it. I love that ring. My Grandmother Ring will be like that, with plain circles representing my grandsons and open circles with a dot in the center representing my granddaughters. We will space them so that they are grouped per family and leave room to add more.”

Today, Karen brought in gold pieces for Silvio to melt and use in the fabrication of the Grandmother ring. She smiles continuously as she conveys the ideas that began to take shape in a conversation with Silvio, two years ago. The artist trusting the artist. “When I teach classes at Smuggs,” adds Karen, “I send students to the village all the time to see this shop and just to walk in our town and see the different and very unique shops we have. We are fortunate. We have a very nice town.”

Tune in tomorrow to witness the gold melting process…

Visit Karen Winslow’s Studio & find out about her Workshops

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