Silvio’s Workbench – Hungarian Denars

Thursday, 3 pm.

The workbench is a busy place where projects, custom designs and repairs overlap. It is a constant balancing act between problem solving and creativity for the artisan, who must mold each piece to the visions of the mind and mold each vision to the materials at hand.

“I am working with some authentic Hungarian Denars,” explains Silvio. “Some of these were minted in the 1500’s and others more likely around the 1600’s. They are nice to make earrings because they are light. I am using 22 karat gold for the settings.”

Denars were struck during the reign of at least four consecutive Hungarian kings: Ferdinand I who ruled from 1526 to 1564, Maximilian II who ruled from 1563 to 1576, Rudolf, who reigned from 1572 to 1608 and his successor Matthias, from 1611-1620. Denars minted during the 1600’s are amongst the earliest coins to depict numeral dates.

Also on the workbench, a new set of sapphire earrings takes shape.


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