And then there are silver slippers…

Yesterday’s post ended with these words: Over time, silver has played an increasingly diverse role in art, science and industry. It is commonly used in medicines, electronics, batteries, currency and numerous products we take for granted in modern life. And then there are silver slippers…

Once there was a little girl who… longed for a day when she would dance on stage in front of a large audience… In class she was never quite in step…” – The Silver Slippers by Elizabeth Koda-Callan.

The Silver Slippers is a child’s book published in 1989. The story takes a magical turn when the main character’s mother offers a special present: a pendant representing tiny silver ballet slippers. These give the child the confidence to reach her goals. The book comes with a silver slippers pendant.

There may be more truth to the matter than we adults will admit, and perhaps this is precisely why such tales are written and shared, and why they have so much success. Deep down inside, we know that objects that are meaningful to us can inspire great changes in our attitude, our beliefs and even the outcome of our lives. This does not necessarily mean that the object itself has power. Rather, the power lies in how such objects make us feel.

For a very young child, it can be a favorite doll or stuffed animal. In time, they outgrow it without even realizing that they now stand on their own. It is a bit different with jewelry, because it is so close to us. Take heirloom jewelry for instance. It carries with it the story and strength of generations. This brings us back to our silver slippers.

Sterling Silver Shoe Pendant with Diamond Accents in 14-Karat Gold Settings

A little while ago, a customer requested a sliver shoe pendant for his girlfriend. He had brought in a 14-karat gold ring bearing diamonds, to be re-purposed in whatever suitable way in the creation of the shoe. This, he explained, would have great meaning to his lady. Silvio promptly completed the shoe, but we waited until she actually received her gift before mentioning it, lest we spoil the surprise. We will never know the exact meaning of this silver shoe for its owner, and that is quite alright. We would not want to spoil the magic.

But wait. Do not leave yet. In the sidebar, you will find photos of some of Silvio’s rings, taken by his good friend, photographer David de Franceschi, while in Nice.

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