Little Hands – Nature Bracelet & a Raft

It has been a while since we have had a post in our Little Hands segment. While Silvio is busy with various repairs, let’s sidestep back to this with two simple projects that will bring hours of fun and discovery to the little ones.

While researching projects, I came upon a new crafts Blog we can add to our favorite resources for creative play. The title itself awakens the imagination. It is called “Paint on The Ceiling.” This is where I found the first craft I will suggest for today, a Nature Bracelet. This is so much fun you will want to make one too. It is also a clever way to keep little children occupied while you tend to your garden. In fact, they will feel like they are doing their part.

Make a Nature Bracelet

All you need is masking tape. Any width will do, but I highly recommend the 1 1/2 inch width. Cut a piece of tape so it is a bit longer than required to go around the child’s wrist once. Attach it around the wrist, sticky side up. Now, go forth and stick found leaves, twigs, sand, feathers and petals to it. Since each of these has its own characteristics and shapes, you can be certain the final pattern will offer a great visual effect.

Only one rule (which is also a good occasion to teach kindness): Live bugs and snails and such are off-limits. Invite children to leave them alone and to show them their beautiful creation when it is done instead. They will appreciate the kindness and the art. Did you know that bugs have an eye for beauty?

The next project is perfect if you have a swimming pool or small pond or when playing by a body of water while on vacation. I will first state the obvious: Always SUPERVISE children near or in the water.

Make a Twig Raft

You will need twine and twigs cut to about the same length. You will also need a small piece of fabric for the sail. This can be recycled from an old shirt. For instance, a shirt pocket could make a fun-looking sail. Use the twine to secure the twigs that will form the deck side by side. Secure a twig upright for the sail. An adult can make a small hole with a small drill in one of the twigs for this. A small slit at the top and one at the bottom of the sail should allow you to secure it to the twig very easily. Sails away!

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