Silvio’s Workbench – Carving & a Word on Spectacles

Tuesday, 3:45 pm.

Silvio has almost finished carving the barn and mountain scene in the wax for Crystal’s ring. “It’s surprising how such a small thing can be so time-consuming,” he points out. This is not a complaint, mind you; it is merely an observation from one who enjoys the process of creating true one-of-a-kind pieces that will retain timeless value and meaning for their owners.

Wedding Band & Engagement Ring Sketch

Carved Wax Against Engagement Ring

Let’s take a picture with your special magnifying spectacles, I suggest. Without these, many possibilities could never take shape. “I much prefer these to the headband magnifiers,” explains Silvio. “With these I can focus on my work and when I look up I can also easily focus away from the workbench. With the headband magnifiers, your entire focus is on the work area so when you look up, if a customer comes in for example, your eyes take a while to refocus.”

The Jeweler’s Spectacles

The spectacle magnifiers also give Silvio an old-world, master-artisan, perhaps even Geppetto-esque appearance, don’t you think? It is very fitting. “These seem to be antiques,” remarks Silvio, “but in fact it is the headband magnifier that is the older design. These are the modern version.”  Yes. It is fitting that a master jeweler should use tools of the trade that have a style of their own.

Tomorrow at Ornament Studio: A new selection for the Jewelry Jubilee!

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Silvio’s Workbench – Crystal’s Ring Takes Shape


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