Snap Shot No. 32 – Of Serpentine & Gold

Tuesday, 3 pm.

“I just finished a pendant I made using one of the Serpentines I recently found in a creek in Cambridge. Do you want to see it?” asks Silvio. The answer, of course, is a resounding yes.

VT Serpentine & Fine Silver Pendant

VT Serpentine in the Rough

Next, Silvio raises a small vial into the light. It contains water and gold specks so tiny that the vial appears to be empty at first. “Gold has that unique luster so that even the tiniest speck stands out against the other sediments in the pan,” he begins to explain. “Because it is heavier, it stays at the bottom of the pan. It’s really cool how you swish water around the pan in circles and only the gold stays at the bottom.”

Specks of Gold in River Water

Gold Panning in Vermont

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