Silvio’s Workbench… and Justin Just Walked In!

Wednesday, 3-ish.

“The sapphire earrings are almost done. I should take a picture for the Blog,” announces Silvio. Alright, what would you like to say about them? I ask.

Pause. A smile. “Dear fans, thank you for your many fan letters…” We laugh. “Don’t put that in the Blog,” he immediately says, but he knows I will anyway. Playfulness is part of the creative process and this captures the moment and it is my job to capture the moment, isn’t it?

Speaking of the moment, the sapphire earrings are nearly complete. We take more pictures. Justin walks in. Speaking of playfulness.

Soon every word we utter invites a remark that commands immediate laughter. It is good to laugh on a rainy day. Justin laughs every day. The 2nd Annual Cambridge Music Festival is in just a few short weeks, on Saturday, July 21. “The Music Festival is coming together nicely,” informs us Justin, “I am so excited. 12 hours of music, 11 bands lined up, lots of good food and surprises too!”

Just a few more finishing touches on the earrings: a little hammering here; more polishing there…

Click HEREto find out more about the Cambridge Music Festival. Buttons, yes, buttons, not tickets, are available at Buttons can be purchased at: Cambridge 360 and Essence Salon & Day Spa. All proceeds will go to Cambridge 360… Keeping it local!


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