Vermont Serpentine

Serpentine in the Rough – Cambridge, Vermont

Serpentine deposits occur in New Zealand, China, Italy, England, South Africa and the USA. It is a gem that offers varying degrees of hardness. For this reason, it is used not only by jewelers, but also by sculptors. The name is derived from appearance of the stone and its color. It is thought to resemble the skin of a serpent.

Cut, Polished Vermont Serpentine

“I found these in a Cambridge area river,” explains Silvio. “This is what it looks like in the rough. I sent some to a lapidary studio to have them cut and polished. I can’t wait to work with these local gems.”

Vermont Serpentine Awaiting the Jeweler’s Hand

Special requests anyone?

See Silvio’s first Vermont Serpentine Pendant! Read Snap Shot No. 32 – Of Serpentine & Gold

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