Snap Shot No. 30 – Green Tsavorite

Tuesday, 3 pm.

Visitors from Massachusetts chat with Silvio. Two women admire the display case while a third enjoys the comfort of the nearby, and might I add quite irresistible, wooden chair. Silvio’s studio is always a welcoming place.

One of the women is wearing a custom-made pendant and points out to Silvio that it was made in Israel. He immediately recognizes the fine craftsmanship. She remarks on a ring from the top shelf of the display as the small Bichon in her arms quietly looks around. It is clearly a well-traveled little dog, and well-mannered.

“I make everything you see in the display right here,” says Silvio, “That ring is 18-karat gold and Green Tsavorite Garnet,” he informs his visitor as he removes the ring from the display. She admires it on her finger for a moment. “We are coming back in August,” she announces.

Tsavorite Garnet & 18-Karat Gold

They chat a while longer, complimenting Silvio on his work. The air is heavy today. It is time to move on, but even a brief visit is one of the joys of being a shop keeper.

Meanwhile, at the workbench…

Silvio is tired, which makes him playful. He announces, “I am working on some more earrings, with three different colors of sapphire,” he begins, and continues as though he were making a presentation, “What we have here is spectacular orange, ravishing yellow and stunning peach-red sapphires, like the watered down wine we drank as children in France.”

He smiles and arranges the stones on the bench to take a picture for this short snap shot.

Sapphires & Gold Medium


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