Silvio’s Workbench – Sapphire Earrings

“I’m working with sapphires of various colors to make earrings,” says Silvio, adding, “Many people imagine a blue gem when they think of sapphires, but in reality they come in all kinds of colors.”

Sapphire on The Workbench

The only natural gemstone harder than Sapphire is the diamond. It is due to this unique hardness that sapphires are used in other applications besides jewelry making including components of scientific instruments such as high-durability windows, electronic wafers and infrared optical devices. They are also used in wristwatch and other similar mechanisms.

Sapphires are prized, also, for their luster and the purity of their colors. The word sapphire has Greek origins and signifies “blue stone.” Use alone, the name refers to blue sapphire, specifically. when referring to other colors, one would use the color as a prefix” yellow sapphire, orange sapphire and so on.

Sapphire in The Rough

Sapphire, without any color prefix, thus refers to the blue gem of the variety of minerals known as “Corundum.” The Ruby belongs to this variety as well. It is a red Corundum. Sapphires come in more than one shade of blue and in various shades of red, yellow and orange as well. There is also a variety of sapphire known as “Color Changing Sapphire,” due to the influence of a light source and angle on the appearance of the gem. In natural light, Color Changing Sapphire is blue. However, in artificial light, it is violet.

Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Tanzania, Australia and the United States are amongst the places where Sapphire can be found.


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