Snap Shot No. 29 – Ring Sketches and A Bike Tour

Thursday, 3 pm.

Silvio chats joyfully with visitors from Quebec, here with their current bicycling tour guests. Since 1976, Stephen and Joy own and operate  Outdoor Lodge Glen Sutton where they organize bicycling, skiing, tennis, golf, hiking, kayaking and dancing adventures in the countryside of Southern Quebec and Northern Vermont. Their guests come from all over America.

“How have you been? How is business in Glenn Sutton?” asks Silvio. “Not too bad,” they reply, “and we enjoy coming here even though our dollar is worth a bit less right now.” We will cross paths with Stephen and Joy many times throughout the summer as they are loyal visitors.

Meanwhile, at the workbench, Silvio has begun sketching the rings for Crystal and Tom’s wedding. Hers will be made of red gold and shaped so that it hugs her gold engagement ring. This will provide a stunning landscape effect.

Crystal’s Wedding Band Sketch – With Existing Engagement Ring

Tom’s Wedding Band Sketch

Tom’s ring will feature the Porter Farm barn with tree line and mountain in the background.

Time spent with customers and visitors who say hello now and again is precious time. It is always a source of inspiration, because it takes the shopkeeper out of the isolation of work and reconnects him, or her, with the spark of other human eyes.

It is almost like reconnecting with cousins. Each occasion brings its share of new information so that over time a real connection is formed. It does not take long and it marks the seasons. Visitors see businesses change, or they find the same shopkeeper survive and strive every year. Not much needs to be said besides hello and how are you. It is the pleasure of “les retrouvailles”* that speaks the loudest.


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