Speaking of Art Nouveau

Some historians and collectors refer to Art Nouveau design as “an explosion of senses.” It is also considered to be the first attempts by artists to give form to a new, modern art.

Art nouveau Brooch – Lalique

Art Nouveau, as we have seen in the previous article, is a philosophy and style that emerged in graphic, applied arts and  decorative arts between 1890 and 1910. It is characterized by very fluid lines, a return to nature, animal and floral designs, and an emphasis on the feminine silhouette also.

The Industrial Revolution, at the turn of the century, sparked many new and innovative ideas. One such idea is the concept of “total art.” It is at the root of Art Nouveau.

Vintage Art Nouveau Poster

Art Nouveau first emerged in Brussels. The expression “Art Nouveau” was coined in Paris and began to catch on internationally in 1895 when famous German art dealer Siegfried Bing opened the art gallery he named “Maison Art Nouveau”.

Art Nouveau is considered to be an avant-gardiste movement that promptly spread throughout Europe’s big cities as a very active and creative statement against academia. Followers and practitioners believed that the essence of aesthetics lies in nature, not in ancient classic interpretations.

Art Nouveau Interior Design

Today, Art Nouveau is a classic form of art in its own right and to collectors, historians and art enthusiasts it represents a fantastic shift in human expression and boldness. It is revolution and beauty expressed at once.

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