Garnets – Red, Orange, Even Green

When the name “garnet” is mentioned, many people immediately imagine a beautiful red gemstone. In truth, not only do garnets come in different hues of red, ranging from orange to brown, but there are green garnets as well.

Red, Green, Brown and Orange Garnets – Ornament Studio

Indeed, red is associated with rubies and garnets. Green garnets, also know as Androdite Garnet, are found in Mexico, but also elsewhere in the world. The ones above, which are currently on Silvio’s workbench, are probably from Africa. Brown-red garnets, or Almandine, are found in North Carolina. Orange garnets, specifically known as Spessartite, come from Africa and China, among other places, and they occur in the United States as well. Orange garnets have been found in Eden, Vermont.

The word “garnet”comes from the Latin, “granatus”, which means grain. Many garnet deposits occur as small grains of red crystals in a host rock.

Almondine Garnet in Host Rock

There are yellow, blue, pink and colorless garnets also. Garnet is considered a hard gemstone species, Almondine or brown-red garnet being the hardest.

Stop by Ornament Studio to see what Silvio is making with the beautiful garnets above. The picture was taken right at his workbench and these beautiful gemstones are a few steps away from becoming the shining stars of new jewelry creations.


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