Snap Shot No. 27 – Crystal is Getting Married!

Wednesday, 5 pm.

Crystal, Tom and Silvio discuss wedding bands. That is Crystal Porter, founder of the Mary Elizabeth Preschool, in Jeffersonville.

Mary Elizabeth Preschool – Jeffersonville – VT

“Crystal and Tom are getting married this summer and they have asked me to design their wedding bands,” says Silvio. “I am so honored that they came to me. Each ring will be one-of-a-kind. Crystal’s engagement ring is platinum, so I suggested using red gold for the wedding band. This will make a nice contrast.”

It has been a long day, but concluding it by taking part in Tom and Crystal’s vision for the rings that will represent such an important event in their lives has gotten Silvio’s mind on a new creative track. The rings began taking shape in conversation and the process continues in imagination. Gold is shaped in the mind’s eye first, then in form.

Red Gold (Example)

“Now I have to do an esquisse (sketch),” continues Silvio. “That is the difficult part. They want a representation of the mountain and tree line and Crystal’s grandmother’s barn. I have to see how much I can condense on a gold band without losing the detail. Tom’s Ring will be platinum. Crystal’s ring may end up being platinum also.”

Tom and Crystal recently purchased her grandmother’s farmhouse. This new home has a lot of significance for Crystal. “Mary Elizabeth Preschool is dedicated to my Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Porter,” she explains.”Our classroom reflects the variety and complexity of children’s needs… It is a place where the whole school environment is a learning resource.”

Stay tuned for Silvio’s esquisses. Meanwhile, offer Crystal your good wishes when you see her!

Find out more about the Mary Elizabeth Preschool HERE.

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