Silvio’s Workbench – Tourmaline

Tourmalines are crystals of complex composition, containing potassium, nickel, manganese, iron, aluminum, lithium, silicon among others. Variations in this composition result in gems of various colors.
Indeed, color is a trademark of this unique gem.

Not only do individual stones show up in different colors, but the same stone will reveal different colors depending on the angle at which it is observed. This is referred to as “dichroism,” a property of some crystals that exhibit different colors along different axes. Tourmaline’s color is at its most intense when looking toward its main axis. This poses an extra challenge for the jeweler, who must line up each cut with great attention.

Green Tourmaline, like this one, is called “verdelite.” The first portion of this word, “ver,” represents the color green (vert in French). Seen in this light – no pun intended, but admit that it is fitting – “verdelite” could translate to “green delight.”

The name Tourmaline has its root in a the Singhalese words tura mali,” which translate to “stone with mixed colors.”

An ancient Egyptian legend claims that Tourmaline acquired its unique color properties because it passed through a rainbow on its journey from the center of the earth to the surface. to this day, Tourmaline is known as the gemstone of the rainbow. Among other places, tt is found in Maine and California, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Afghanistan and Madagascar.


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