Snap Shot No. 26 – Apatite

Yes, apatite. Not appetite.

Thursday, 4 pm. “I’m working with some beautiful apatite,” begins Silvio. “It is a soft gem. It works well for earrings and pendants, not so much for rings. I am making 22-karat earrings with these. Each one will have two apatites and one diamond.”

“Most people have never heard of this stone. It is not used a lot in jewelry making, but it is one of my favorite stones. There is a candy-blue iridescence to it. It is quite gorgeous. These are rose-cut. That is the name of the cut with facets on top.”

Apatite, 22-Karat Bezels & Diamonds

Apatite is a transparent gemstone. It is found in Ontario and Quebec, where it used commercially in fertilizer mixes. It is also found in the United States as well as in Brazil, India, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, Sri Lanka and South Africa, among other places. Apatite can be colorless or yellow, green, pink or blue.

The name ‘apatite’ has its origins in the Greek word ‘apate,’ which means to deceive. It is so named because it so closely resembles other gemstones like tourmaline and peridot, for example.

Blue Apatite in The Rough – Brazil


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