Little Hands – Colorful Child’s Portfolio

As much as we try to avoid using too much paper towel, sometimes it is just more convenient than rags. If you are someone who entertains a lot, having paper towels on hand may be a small compromise that makes your guests and friends feel more comfortable. In some commercial or public settings, paper towels are required in order to comply with public health regulations.

You can still take creative steps to recycle the tube. Here is my favorite idea: Create a Child’s Portfolio.

Set aside several tubes or get some from work or neighbors who were not going to use them. Better yet, invite neighbors to save tubes and plan a small art-minded get-together for a small group of children.

Have them decorate the tube with paint or by gluing colorful paper on it. You can also use images cut out of a magazines for a collage effect. Then, roll up their artwork and store it inside.

Each tube can be for a different theme: People, landscapes, cartoons… Store these in a large, attractive flower pot in a prominent place in their room or on their desk. When neighbors or family come by, it is sure to draw attention  to your little one’s creative skills and boost their confidence in the process.

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