Gold – 1980 to 1990’s

In the previous segment about gold, we explored the time period between the 1950’s and 1980 and concluded with The Gold Institute, established in 1976.

1981 – Donald Regan, Treasury Secretary (not to be confused with Ronald Regan), announces the formation of a Gold Commission. Its role is “to assess and make recommendations with regard to the policy of the U.S. government concerning the role of gold in domestic and international monetary systems.” The first space shuttle is launched in 1981. It uses gold-coated impellers in its liquid hydrogen fuel pump.

1982 Commemorative Gold Coin

In 1982, Congress passes the Olympic Commemorative Coin Act. This includes issuing the first legal tender U.S. gold coin since 1933. Meanwhile, new gold deposits are discovered in North America and Australia.

1986 – The first new gold jewelry alloy of the twentieth century is introduced. 990-Gold, containing 1% titanium, was developed and introduced to meet the need for improved durability of 99% pure gold. A year later, the World Gold Council is established. Its mission is to support and develop demand for the end uses of gold.

By 1990, the United States becomes the world’s second largest gold producing nation.

The Mars Global Surveyor is launched in 1996. Over a two-year period, the onboard gold-coated parabolic telescope-mirror will generate a detailed map of the Martian surface.

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1982 Commemorative Gold Coin – Back


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