Silvio’s Workbench – Lost & Found Earring

Tuesday, 2 pm.

“I have to tell you a nice story,” announces Silvio as he places a small pouch on the corner of the glass display and reaches in to reveal its contents. “A while ago, a young woman who lives in town lost one of the Citrine and Sapphire earrings her boyfriend had recently given her. She felt really bad.”

“I was not sure I could find a citrine of the same color or the same ‘briolet’ cut, but I did find one through a friend in Santa Fe. The woman was so excited when I called her to let her know.”

All is well that ends well, thanks to a combination of resourcefulness and craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, on the workbench…

“I am working on a bunch of different earrings for Santa Fe. Look at these spectacular Opals! These are garnets and those are Labradorites. All will be set in 22 karat gold.

Read Snap Shot No. 25 to see the completed earrings.

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