Little Hands – Pebbles & Twigs

What child does not like to play with sand, rocks and twigs? Nature offers plenty of opportunities to be creative and creativity does not have to take a static shape. This project can be done along the banks of a river or on the sea-shore (with supervision of course), on that backyard patio or in a sandbox. It is especially fun if sand is involved.

Here is what you’ll want to collect before you begin: Pebbles of various shapes and colors, twigs of various thicknesses, small leaves and chalk. Collect each type of item in individual, shallow boxes or on cookie sheets. Ho, and you’ll want a camera too.

Select pebbles and twigs that will be the body and limbs of people and animals. Lay them down on the grass or sand (sand is ideal for this) to shape the people. Draw faces, stripes and spots on the rocks with chalk.

You can turn this into a game by giving the children a theme and a certain amount of time to create a scene based on that theme. A simple example would be, “A man with a hat walking a spotted dog.”

When a scene is complete, snap a shot. Here is something else you can do with this project: Turn the scene into a short story. Ask the child to keep the same characters, but move the pebbles to show what they do next. Then, snap another picture. Later, you can arrange three or four images on the computer with captions to tell the story and print it out for everyone to see.


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