Snap Shot No. 24

Yesterday, thanks to promptings by a loyal customer, we enjoyed a few more photographs from Silvio’s recent trip to Nice. Following this most pleasant interlude, we return to the workbench for a new snap shot.

Earlier this week…

“This opal was broken in half, ” explains Silvio. “A local customer came in with this some time ago to ask what I might suggest we do with it to salvage the stone. She gave me plenty of time to think about it.”

“Meanwhile, she also brought in a pendant with emerald and diamonds. She wanted to do something different with this also and asked that I make suggestions.”

“I showed her a sketch that combined both pieces. She loved it.”

“The bezzle around the opal is 22 karat gold. The gold beads are 18 karat. The pendant is 14 karat gold and I used sterling silver on the arch and back plate.”


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