Snap Shot No. 23 – Obsidian Point Pendant

It is done. Ready to ship. What a beautiful, powerful piece.

A while back, Silvio posted pictures of points and arrow heads on Facebook. A visitor who happens to be related to a Jeffersonville resident immediately requested that one be set aside for her, to make a pendant.

“I made a few sketches for her and she decided on the design she wanted. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?” asks Silvio. ” The setting is sterling silver with a gold bead. This point is at least 5000 years old. It’s from new Mexico. It is very rare to find them this well preserved. This is very unique. it also means a lot to the lady who asked that I make this for her because she used to live and work in New Mexico.”

“These were made by chipping away at a large piece of obsidian until it gets down to the desired size. Then to give it the precise shape they used deer antlers,” explains Silvio. “It is a technique called pressure chipping. To pressure chip in a precise pattern, they rested one side of the antler against their chest and the point against the obsidian. The rock has to be at just the right angle in order to get the intended shape”

Silvio further explained that we know this was the technique used by the people who fashioned the intricate points because of the other artifacts, tools and deer antlers that were found in the same location. They were also able to obtain similar results when they reproduced the technique.

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