Snap Shot – The Trip Home

Time to say goodbye to old, good friends. Though oceans apart, the connection is timeless and the memories that were added to a story that began in youth enrich the connection and the traveler.

Even after only 14 days, I wonder if Lily and her sister will appear different to each other somehow. I think they will. Travel and immersion in other cultures changes the person and perspective. I suspect this to be true even in a child. But it is the sort of change that strengthens bonds, rather than weakening them, because it adds depth, even in a child, even unconsciously. They have something new to share, though they did not experience it together, because in a way they did.

Silvio will have seen his little one change also, from the first day of discovering a new land, little by little. For even in the company of dad, a little child learns a lot about herself and independence while traveling.

Jewelry making soon resumes at Ornament Studio, but there will be plenty of room for story telling.

See you soon.


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