Snap Shot No. 20- Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man


As Silvio reconnects with old friends in his hometown, here is a glimpse of him as the 21-year-old who had just left Nice the year before. He was working for his uncle, jeweler Tony Mazzarese, in Kansas City, MO. At this point he was attending an ESL class at the local university that was geared toward Spanish speakers; hence, he had to learn both Spanish and English concurrently!


About Ornament Studio

Born in Tunisia of fourth generation Italian jewelers, Silvio Mazzarese continues the tradition of artisanship begun by his great-great grandfather. Silvio is a very well-established master jeweler in New Mexico, where he lived for twenty-five years prior to moving to Vermont, where he and wife Teresa Bobel Mazzarese established Ornament Studio in 2008. Custom Design - Gold, Silver, Platinum - Repair & Sizing - Polish, Refresh, Redesign - All Done on the Premises. Free Estimates. View all posts by Ornament Studio

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