Little Hands – Buttons & Twine

What do you do with the extra buttons that are tucked inside the seam of new shirts? Most of us either forget they are there and rediscover them with surprise after a wash or two or, more typically, we remove them and carefully tuck them away in a drawer, just in case. They re-appear years later when we sort out the drawer.

Go dig them out now. Also, you can get an inexpensive bag of assorted, colorful buttons at a craft store. It is well worth the small expense for the creative time you will inspire. You will need at least 10 buttons (more if you want a dense bracelet), thin twine or ribbon and scissors. Select buttons with 2 or 4 holes for this project.

Children will need help with this project. Buttons demand a break from the daily routine in favor of quality family time.

1- Pull enough twine from the spool to wrap around the child’s wrist twice and have at least 6″ extra. Cut.

2- Fold the twine in half. Make a knot below the folded half, leaving a loop large enough to slide around one of the buttons.

3- Begin stringing buttons on, one by one, threading one side of the twine and then the other through each hole for 2-hole buttons or through diagonally opposite holes for 4-hole buttons.

4- Continue until you feel the bracelet looks well garnished, will fit around the child’s wrist. Make sure to leave at least 1″ of twine free on the ends. You can alternate 2-hole and 4-hole buttons, make color and size patterns or make it totally random.

Tip: Use more buttons for a stacked look. Use less for a layered look.

5- The the ends of the twine together against the last button.

6- Secure around the child’s wrist by slipping the looped side of the twine over the last button of the opposite end.

Tip: If the bracelet feels too loose, slip the loop further around the next buttons until you obtain the desired fit.

Variation: Tie colorful yarn around the twine, between the buttons, and cut at different length for a fun and frazzled look or alternate buttons and beads.


About PS MacMurray

Paschal'Simon MacMurray, the scribe, specializes in providing a no nonsense Facebook and Blog presence for small business owners who want quality without breaking the bank. PS MacMurray, the artisan, creates art on a whim using fabric, paper, beads, twine and wire. View all posts by PS MacMurray

2 responses to “Little Hands – Buttons & Twine

  • Sarah Harris

    What a great idea! What a cute end result! I will never throw away the “extra buttons” again!

    • The Scribe

      The possibilities are endless, even with mere buttons. Some people weave several strands together for a “Victorian” look. Children, of course, are satisfied with the colorful and playful aspect. That’s “frills enough” for them! Thank you for reading and for your comment. Have a good weekend.

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