Snap Shot No. 18 – Flat Stanley Goes to Nice

Wednesday, 4 pm. The 14-karat, white gold ring with champagne diamond, rubies and tourmalines is almost complete. The customer dropped by to have a look at it and was quite pleased. “All I need to do next is set the stones,” says Silvio. Originally, these were in two different rings. The customer wanted them incorporated into one design.

For now, Silvio is getting ready to visit his family, in Nice. In fact, he and one of his daughters leave tomorrow. “We are taking Flat Stanley along for the trip,” he smiles. “After we come back, in two weeks, we’ll take him to Ohio to visit my mother-in-law. I’ll try to send you pictures of Flat Stanley in France.”

In case you are not familiar with Flat Stanley, it is a literacy project for children. Its goal is to connect a child, student or classroom with other children or classrooms participating in the Project by sending out “flat” visitors, created by the children, through the mail (or digitally). Kids then talk about, track, and write about their flat character’s journey and adventures. The Cambridge Elementary School received a Flat Stanley from France a while ago. Now, Silvio is taking his own Flat Stanley on tour.

Work awaits on the workbench, but everyone is happy for Silvio, who finally gets a bit of a vacation. It has been so long. As you might imagine, however, his mind is racing between thoughts of visiting is home town and visions of rings, pendants and earrings on his mind.

The diamond slab ring is progressing nicely as well. After further consideration, the tiny diamonds that will be set in the groove in a pavé style will be black diamonds.

Silvio returns April 29th. Teresa will be at the shop off and on in the meantime and will be visiting the Ornament Studio Facebook page to respond to your questions surprise us with new pictures or just say hello.

More about the above-mentioned rings here:

Silvio’s Workbench – Wedding Bands to Pendant

Snap Shot No. 16

Silvio’s Workbench – Carving Wax

Visit the Flat Stanley website

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