Snap Shot No. 17

Monday, 3 pm. It is a cold and rainy day, but there is the usual golden light at Ornament Studio. Silvio promptly opens the display case to point out Teresa’s new earrings.

“She made two different sets in gold and sterling silver,” he says. “One with Peridot pebbles and one without. She wore these around for a while, to feel them. They are so simple, yet they look stunning and fall just right. And they are light and easy to wear.”

Teresa made the first pair by hand, giving it a textured surface by hammering the metal. She then had a mold made so they could be cast. “Now that we have a mold,” explains Silvio, we can make more but keep the production cost down and pass that savings along to the customer. Teresa will make some that are a bit wider and also use different stones.”


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