Silvio’s Workbench – Wedding Bands to Pendant

Saturday, 4 pm. Visitors from Savannah, Georgia, chat with Silvio about a pair of Stirling Silver hoops with beads. Silvio offers a hand-made pouch from the Paschal’Simon Collection. “A locally made pouch for your locally made earrings,” he announces, smiling.

The customers leave. Silvio turns on his phone, eager to show me the pictures he has just emailed. A magnificent pendant appears on the screen. “This is for a local customer,” begins Silvio. “She had asked me to design a pendant using her husband’s and her wedding bands. I joined them with a pivot and added a Garnet Briolette with a 22-karat wire wrap.” He explains that the word “Briolette” refers to the particular cut of the stone. It is a stunning piece.

Meanwhile, he has made good progress on the wax for the diamond ring he showed us earlier in the week. “The groove will be a diamond pavé. This is a technique of setting stones side by side to cover the entire surface of an area, leaving only a bead of metal in between.”

Before we close, have you seen the latest issue of The Mountain Ear Magazine? Silvio took up an ad again and again he is extremely pleased with the quality if Garrett’s work.

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