Silvio’s Workbench – Carving Wax

3:45, Wednesday afternoon. Silvio is at the bench, smoothing down the wax for a new ring. Earlier today, he took pictures of the fantastic diamond slab that will be its centerpiece and most assuredly a conversation piece as well.

“This diamond has a lot of character. It is not something you would normally find in your grandmother’s jewelry box, for example,” says Silvio as he moves the diamond between his fingers to allow it to catch the light at various angles. “You can see the carbon inclusions and checkerboard cut.”

“The wax I use for this is a special mixture of beeswax and mineral oil. The mineral oil is what gives the wax the proper strength so it can be carved using a whole range of different carving tools. It can even be drilled. It has a consistency that is similar to plastic.”

Prior to beginning work on this ring, Silvio completed the opal earrings and smithsonite pendant he had begun earlier this week. The earrings are set in 22 karat yellow gold, along with small diamonds. The smithsonite is set in 22 karat yellow gold as well. These are for a customer in Santa Fe. “The pink smithsonite used in this piece is a very unusual stone because of its size, its color and its depth,” points out Silvio.

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