Little Hands – Eggshell Mosaic

With Easter just a few days away, eggs, bunnies and colorful candy come to mind, but we also wanted to come up with something a bit different. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, it is as good an occasion as any to indulge your children’s creative spirit.

Eggshell mosaic has a few key characteristics that every child enjoys: It does not have to be perfect, it is very colorful and no matter what you do it will turn out pretty.

Here is an added bonus: Since this craft uses eggshells, you might as well make it a special occasion and bake a large cake, make colorful cupcakes or serve omelets or a frittata for dinner!

Ready? Here is what you’ll need:

Eggshell from at least 4 eggs

Construction paper

Food color

White glue


1- Make sure the eggshell is free of any of the thin “film” that lines the inside. Break into small pieces. (Children love to do this).

2- Prepare several colors of food dye in small jars or plastic containers. You only need a few drops in a small amount of warm water. Add a drop of vinegar. This will help set the color.

3- Immerse eggshell in dyes and allow to sit for a few minutes. The longer they are immersed, the darker the color.

4- Remove shells from dye, one color at a time, and spread them out on paper towels without mixing the colors.

5- When they are dry, assemble each color in one spot on a plate or in small, shallow containers.

6- On a sheet of construction paper, draw a light outline of the image you have in mind. You can also write down the colors you want to use to fill each area, very lightly with your pencil.

7- Select the desired colored shells and carefully glue them on the sheet.

A  note: Clearly, this is a crafting activity that requires assistance from an adult, so it is a great way to spend time with children. It can be a great activity for a babysitter also, to help children pass the time in a fun way while awaiting mom or dad’s return.

A variation: You can create an eggshell mosaic on the cover of a small gift box. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly and brush a layer of non-toxic clear coating on top of the mosaic to increase its resistance to handling.

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