Gold – A.D. & a Few Pictures Without Words

We concluded the previous article on gold with Julius Caesar returning to Rome from France with sufficient gold to repay Rome’s debts, and then some. That was in 58 BC. The accepted date for the fall of the Roman Empire is 476 AD. Gold mining would resume in central Europe and France, under the Byzantine Empire, over a century later, between 600 and 699 AD.

As time passes, reference to gold in text becomes more frequent, especially due to the increase in world exploration activity. Between 1250 and 1299, Marco Polo’s written accounts of travels to the Far East included the following statement: “Gold wealth was almost unlimited.” During this time, more precisely in 1284, Venice introduces the gold Ducat. It would become the most popular coin in the world for over five centuries. In 1377, Great Britain adopts a monetary system based on gold and silver.

By 1511, King Ferdinand of Spain launches massive expeditions to the newly discovered Western Hemisphere (later to be known as the Americas). He orders explorers at his service to, “Get gold, humanely if you can, but all hazards, get gold.”

Gold is discovered in Brazil in 1700. By 1720, it produces two-thirds of the world’s gold.

To be continued…

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